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refinance your mortgage

    Hey awesome people! ;-D Most home owners that I talk to still have a mortgage. A mortgage is probably one of the biggest loans that you will have in your lifetime so you want to make sure that you are getting the best deal.   What is refinancing?   Refinancing your mortgage in
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my pet is a free loader

  Hey all, I visiting old mumsy the other day and she was talking to me about one of my two sisters. She was saying how my sister has been applying to rent houses but keeps getting knocked back. There are a number of reasons that could have caused the landlord to knock her back
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Budget Communication

 Budgeting + Communication = Success   In this post we will be talking about the importance of why communication with your partner when budgeting will lead to success.   A Budget needs to be communicated and negotiated                                Not discussing your
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Discussing Your Budget

    Discussing your budget is a must when you are in a relationship   The budget discussion not only lays out your plan for the week but also your progress on achieving your goals. One of the biggest cause of arguments and marriage break-ups is financial pressure. Some couples can’t even mention money without
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Spreadsheet Budgeting

So you are ready to start a budget but you are still unsure if you a program like YNAB, Mint or Pocketbook is for you. The aim of this post is to at least get you started and give you an idea on how to create a simple budget in excel. While people try to
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